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Albion Voice

Albion Voice explores themes of Britain ancient and modern, Bishi sings in English, Bengali, Bulgarian and Biblical Greek to yhe words of Chaucer, Milton and Mary Elizabeth Fyre track the evolution of English from a medieval ‘mongrel tongue’ to the language of today. From Bulgarian throat singing to the experimental work of Meredith Monk; Christian choral music to traditional Indian song this is an eclectic yet coherent work of style and grandeur. One of the highlights of the record is ‘Dia Ti Maria’ - featuring The Kronos Quartet. 

Indian Queen by Matthew Hardern & Dominic Harris
Bishi Britannia Crop by Matthew Hardern & Dominic Harris
Bishi as St. George by Matthew Hardern & Dominic Harris

The title track features {film composer} John William's string players and a C16th recorder from the court of Elizabeth 1st. The artwork references royal heraldry and commemorative ceramics, Bishi appears as The Queen, Britannia and St George with elements of Indian symbolism worked through the images - the lion has been replaced with the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Tudor Rose with the Royal Lotus.