Subversion, fusion, magic: Bishi

DG: ​Bishi, you're a classically-trained singer and multi-instrumentalist, combining East and West with electronic music. Performing solo, or accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra or the English National Opera, you come onto the crowd like a futuristic Amazonian, twanging your electric sitar. Who are your favourite influences, as a boundary-breaking female artist - and why?

Interview: Bishi - M Magazine

Born to Bengali parents of a musical inclination, she's been immersed in the classical sounds of her Asian heritage since a young age. Alongside studying at the Ravi Shankar School for Music, Bishi has experimented in bands and as a solo artist, finally landing on an esoteric, electronically-fired sound all of her own.

Interview: Bishi - from The Chart Show to the 100 Club with Wolfie

Image: Bishi, photographed by Zuzanna Butkiewicz To those who know her, Bishi is the doyenne of London's avant-garde music and arts scene; a pin-up girl for cultural diversity; a subverter of social stereotypes; a champion collaborator; a creative wiz with a hungry, just-do-it, DIY attitude.