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The Telescope Eye

Bishi was lead commissioned artist for Delia Derbyshire Day  2019. This year's theme, 'Electric Storm 50,' celebrated 50 years of the release of the seminal White Noise, album 'An Electric Storm ,' where Delia Derbyshire  was responsible for the electronic sound realisation. 

The commission resulted in Bishi writing & composing an EP 'The Telescope Eye,' she co-produced with Richard Norris , supported by The PRS Foundation 's 'Women Make Music,' fund. Out on December 27th 2019 on Gryphon Records , available on all streaming platforms.

Bishi at British Library by Andy D'Cruz
Bishi at British Library by Andy D'Cruz
Bishi at British Library by Andy D'Cruz

Inspired by a visit to Delia Derbyshire’s archive at the John Rylands library, ‘The Telescope Eye,’ was written for voice looper, gloves, ROLI & electric sitar.

It’s famously known that no synthesisers were used during the making of ‘An Electric Storm.’ As a 21st Century artist, with the world of sound at our fingertips, Bishi chose to write using a wide expanse of technology, as a celebration of how far we’ve come. 

Delia Derbyshire Day is a Manchester-based organisation which pays homage to Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001). Their work is centred around the Delia Derbyshire Archive which is held at John Rylands Library in Manchester, UK. 

Visuals by Output Arts 
All images by Andy D'Cruz
Couture by Atsuko Kudo 
Cape by 
Adele Mildred  
Make up by 
Viktor Charles .