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LANDR Sitar Sound Pack

Nov  30th2020

Check out the full sound pack of sitars and tanpura samples I recorded for LANDR Network here 


[via LANDR]

The sitar adds a unique sonic character to any song. Delve back into the history of hip-hop and you’ll find that legends like DJ Shadow, RZA, and Q-Tip were never shy about sampling sitar sounds in their work. With this royalty-free pack of sitars and tanpura samples recorded by British multi-instrumentalist and producer BISHI, you can bring that exceptional resonance and particular raga to your own tracks. BISHI delivers Sargam-tuned sitar performances that blend classical and contemporary sounds—styled with the likes of Robert Fripp, Timbaland, and J Dilla in mind. Download now to find your own raga, regardless of your style.