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SheSaid.So 2020 Alternative Power List 100

Dec  11th2020

Thank you SheSaid.So for electing me to be on your Alternative Power List 100. I don’t take this lightly. Being a minority musician in the industry has opened the task of not only being an artist, but acting as an advocate & someone trying to create solutions to systemic imbalance. This one is for all of us who are making a change. Let’s do this!

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We started the Alternative Power 100 Music List as a response to Billboard’s Power 100 List with the aim to challenge conventional music industry standards. Over the past couple of years the #AltList has evolved from a symbolic stance in defiance of its original counterpart to a celebration for traditionally underrepresented communities such as women, people of color, with disabilities, people from emerging markets, LGBTQ and so on.

This year's RESILIENCE & ADAPTABILITY theme is an opportunity to celebrate those who, in facing extreme challenges brought by the 2020 pandemic(s), have not only succeeded in overcoming them but have also brought positivity to their community when they needed it the most.