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Why Technology Isn't Killing Creativity

Nov  15th2020

I’m speaking on a fabulous panel for Delic Network on the 17th called ‘Why Technology isn’t killing Creativity.’ Head over to Delic  to grab your ticket! Image by Frederic Aranda.


[via Delic]

Is technology compromising our ability to be creative?

If used correctly, it could have the opposite outcome entirely. Our next #DelicSession explores how technology and tools like ours can support artists in their journeys, freeing their time so they can create more.

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Tuesday 17 November @ 5pm

Hear perspectives from the multidisciplinary composer, performer and producer BISHI, Sector Engagement Manager for the Creative Industries at the Edinburgh Futures Institute, Caroline Parkinson, R&D Software Developer here at Delic Martin Disley and our CTO, Ted Koterwas. Hosted by the wonderful Vic Galloway.